when bloggers meet

blogger meetup

Alexis Teichmiller : Instagram and  BLOG

blogger meetup

Jessica Steddom : Instagram and BLOG

blogger meet up

my favorite part of my job is connecting with bloggers on Instagram and getting the chance to meet them in person. it is always a little surreal to meet someone for the first time but feel like you already know them because you’ve been following their lives online. this is the world of blogging and I love it.

social media is used to connect people in many different ways. for me, Instagram gives me the ability to find people who share the same drive for creating and connecting. because of this shared interest, when I meet bloggers for the first time we cannot stop talking about our experiences as influencers and there is a synergy that is palpable.

getting the chance to meet these two amazing girls a couple weeks ago was no exception. both insanely talented and creative in their niche and equally inspiring. it is a blogger meet up that keeps you going in this sometimes strange world of blogging and I am grateful to these two and all the other creatives that motivate me to keep going.

xo Megan



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