real talk about botox

It feels like women have very strong opinions about botox. I know women who stand on both ends of the spectrum. Those who get it, love it, and swear by it and those who don’t, think it’s ridiculous and a waste of money. I think because of this, women don’t openly talk about getting botox for fear of being judged.

I want to take the shame out of botox and fillers and openly talk about my experience here. I’m 37 and have been getting botox for a few years. I get it twice a year to prevent deep creases from forming in my face and it works.

Recently, MD Cote Laser and Spa reached out to me about partnering with them to promote all the benefits of not only botox and fillers, but also chemical peels. I had my first chemical peel last month and the results were immediate. In my 30s the texture of my skin has begun to change and periodical chemical peels are a great way to keep the condition of your skin youthful.

I want this to be an open discussion with you guys about any questions you have about botox, fillers, and chemical peels to demystify the new skincare women are embracing. I think the more open and honest we are, the less intimidating these practices are.

My routine skincare with MD Cote laser and spa is a continuing effort to maintain healthy and youthful skin so I’ll keep you guys updated every month about my personal journey and upcoming events for you to attend at their two locations in Maple Valley and Issaquah. For more information about MD Cote, check out their website HERE.

xo Megan

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