my first chemical peel

hi guys!


I’ve been interested in chemical peels for a while so when MD Cote Medical, Laser & Spa reached out to me, I jumped at the chance. Just the name ‘chemical peel’ can sound intense but it’s a lot less intimidating than it sounds. Read about the benefits of chemical peels on their website HERE.Β 

I had a really good experience at their Maple Valley location. All of the girls at the spa were so welcoming and knowledgeable about skincare that I felt I was in good hands.

During the actual procedure there was definitely a bit of burning but it wasn’t so much that I needed to stop and it only lasted a short time. Tiffany, my esthetician, was gentle and totally put me at ease.

I could see results immediately and that same night I could really see how smooth my skin was. I had a bit of peeling the following day but nothing that kept me from leaving the house.

At 37, I have definitely noticed a change in the texture of my skin and I believe chemical peels are a great way to maintain the condition of my skin without having to undergo anything major. I plan to do chemical peels a few times a year and have already booked my next appointment.


xo Megan


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