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hi guys!


if you follow me on Instagram you already know that yesterday I did the ‘one day all green’ juice cleanse from Juicebox Seattle. sooo…  it was part success, part failure.

last night at 8pm I was grumpy and hungry so I decided that it was probably best to eat something. I felt pretty good most of the day because I was drinking a lot of water in addition to my green juices and I also had a cup of coffee in the morning and a coconut milk latte in the afternoon.

although I did eat at the end of the day, I realized it had been 24hrs since I had last eaten.  that’s a full day, right? right?!  either way, it was a good challenge for me and the health benefits of green juice are worth it.

now thru wednesday, Juicebox is offering you guys 10% off any juice with promo code MEGANLITTLE. they have several different options that you can check out HERE 


xo Megan

green juice cleanse

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