hi guys!


so I’ve mentioned my sweet tooth in an earlier post but the thing is, it’s not so much a sweet tooth as it is an actual sugar addiction. I love skittles and starburst and milk chocolate and white chocolate and caramel macchiatos. feel free to judge me.

I need an intervention and Paleo is going to be my life preserver. I’ve been reading The Paleo Solution this last week and it just makes so much sense to me. Real food, not processed. It’s been 3 days since I started eating Paleo and I already notice a change in my skin.

and just to be clear, I never say never. I won’t NEVER eat a refined sugar again, but this will allow me to push the reset button on my diet and bring some balance back into my eating habits. I’ll keep you posted on my ongoing results and daily struggles.


xo Megan

paleo diet

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