the ‘new’ denim jacket

denim jacket jean coat


hi guys!

I’m so excited to share my new blog with you and I hope you like the new layout and additional content.

it took a while for the idea to stick, but now I get it. my denim jackets have always been just that. jackets. short and cropped and cute and sweet. but this denim ‘coat’ elevates your traditional jean jacket with a modern silhouette that creates an effortless glam.

even after this denim coat made a home in my closet I was still unsure if I really liked it. but having played dress up and trying it with several things, it clicked and I immediately got it. it was an acquired taste. this denim coat is from Zara but I alsoΒ picked out some other cool denim coats from around the web.

shop the post below. thanks!






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